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health program for homeless is at risk

UW health program for homeless is at risk

UW health program refers to University of Wisconsin health programs of the Hospital and clinics offered. The UW Hospital has six IC units to support trauma, cardiac, pediatric, neurosurgery, burn cardiothoracic. They are seriously working and developing a course focusing on homelessness. Thus there is lots of scope for nursing student volunteer opportunities.

Aim of UW

The main aim of UW is that the homeless individuals are at risk and must receive quality care, despite their age or background. In fact, this hospital considers such homeless people should receive specialty services as well. Homelessness is not new and is continuously on the rise in places like Seattle that this year in 2016 there is a 19% increase in comparison to the past year.

This is because the living cost in Seattle is rising that affordable housing has become impossible and the annual cuts in health resources leads to homelessness. Homelessness is a systematic issue with the growing population leading to homelessness. Homelessness is a sign of poverty and it is too expensive for people with decent jobs also to get house.

Being without a shelter living has become more dangerous for homeless individuals. the assault rate is ranging from 27 percent in adult men to 32 percent for adult women, and more higher rates in the trans individuals assault. Other encampments and Tent cities provide safety for homeless, but these are often met with resistance by city officials and neighborhoods.


The aim is to foster understanding and respect between homeless patients and health care providers. This is ideal for nursing student volunteer opportunities, who can try to bridge the understanding, thus make the process accessible.

As nursing student volunteer opportunities, there are lots to gain doing volunteer work. Whether it is a short few weeks assignment or an ongoing assignment, you are sure to learn a lot, acquired plenty of new experiences and also meet people. Volunteering is about a chance to work for some cause that you really care about.

Volunteer opportunities

  • Nursing student volunteer opportunities includes a variety of services. The volunteers who are student nurses may volunteer the local communities.
  • This volunteer experience helps to gear experience and meet your career goals.
  • As volunteers for nursing students it also includes teaching first aid, assisting with blood drives and providing disaster response.

There are many big organizations also considering the nursing student volunteer opportunities so that they accompany and support patients in their treatment, participate in fundraising events and provide education. The opportunities may include clinics assistance, providing working in shelters and community education.

Tips to volunteer work choosing

  • Choosing a place as nursing student volunteer opportunities must be done considering several factors such as the commitment type, the involvement is an ongoing one or a one-time project.
  • Consider the interest that interests you and the area you are keen in working. Whether you are interested in acquiring experience.
  • Use your volunteer experience and be prepared to work outside the comfort zone. Even get ready to consider challenging opportunities that you never have taken before.
  • Remember, do not overextend as already juggling between volunteer work, studying and school, itself is not less challenging. it may make you overwhelmed, so restrict taking too much.
Benefits of volunteering

The desire to help is the reason you accept nursing student volunteer opportunities. However, there are the benefits of donating your time, gaining practical experience with variety of people and improving communication skills. Volunteering teaches you to learn specialties of nursing ad you gain volunteer experience. Nursing student volunteering provides opportunity to learn and use new skills, thus making a difference in ones life.