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Pre-Med Student Volunteer In Nepal

If you wish to have the experience of pre-med volunteering in Nepal under the Nepal Natural and Human Resources Development Association, “NAHUDA”, here is some of what you can expect:

NAHUDA provides quality reproductive health services for all Nepali women, so if you are a pre-med volunteer your efforts will be focused in that area.

It is the aim of NAHUDA to provide women with access to various reproductive health services. Volunteers are desperately needed at all levels of education to help ease the heavy workload for the dedicated staff. Of course, the duties of volunteers depends on their qualifications and experience. Pre-med volunteers should have a powerful desire to assist and being flexible in the countless duties which need to be performed is a must. Knowledge of general health and hygiene, family planning and women’s rights issues would be an asset.

What a Pre-Med Student May Be Asked to Do

A pre-med volunteer might be asked to help in many varying methods of approach to reproductive health services. Be it: counseling, educational services, research, outreach programs, proposal writing, or administrative duties, etc. They are always on the lookout for pre-med student volunteers with a sharp interest in health care for Nepali women; who are willing to take on various tasks as needed.

Part of pre-med volunteering is also having the initiative to work independently once the necessary data from the staff has been received. It’s true that a background in medicine is not required, but a positive attitude and a willingness to be flexible in how their time is used is a requirement for any volunteers in this type of placement. Any pre-med student volunteer desiring to increase their knowledge in the medical field would obtain a vast amount of experience towards their future endeavors at this type of placement.

Volunteer Tasks Usually Required

Patient Intake

A pre-med volunteer would help with the intake information of patients — working to supply a preliminary account for the visit which may include: medical update — past and current medical data, such as the weight, height and temperature of patients as well as their emotional status if needed.

Educational Seminars

Pre-med volunteers would assist in the creation and implementation of educational seminars. These seminars would cover a large range of subjects such as: different aspects of family planning, the importance of mammograms, self breast exams, etc.


Pre-med volunteers would work with staff to update patient health records and aid patients in keeping correct records for their Health Insurance Plans. Duties may also include organizing a filing system for medical records or entering new data into the present system.

Outreach Programs

Every year NAHUDA does 20 field check-ups in rural and semi urban parts of Nepal. If a pre-med volunteer is at this placement when such a field trip occurs they may be able to accompany staff.


NAHUDA needs to write articles pertaining to Women’s Health in Nepal. A pre-med volunteer may be asked to research various women’s issues and then, with the help of staff, draft articles or proposals to be presented to different organizations in an effort to obtain funds for their various programs — for example, free health camps conducted in rural parts of Kathmandu.

Two Special Projects

Meaningful internship opportunities are provided for all pre-med volunteers and aspiring medical professionals in the awe inspiring country of Nepal. There are two special projects you should be aware of if pre-med volunteering in Nepal is something you think you’d like to do.

Volunteer For Health Care Support In Nepal

Global Vision International

Due to widespread financial inequality, the Nepalese health care system is severely understaffed. GVI’s Nepal projects has the goal of addressing this need through the service of skilled and unskilled volunteers. Volunteers serve in a community rehabilitation center, special needs school, daycare, or clinic. They focus their efforts on helping disabled people perform daily tasks, learn life skills, or leading rehabilitative exercises. Volunteers also play an important part in educating teachers and family members on how to care for individuals with special needs.

Global Nomadic

This program offers a variety of projects for students who are entering the pre-medical or pre-veterinary fields. Students in medical schools should consider Global Nomadic’s medical internships allowing them to perform pre-med volunteering in Tanzania, Nepal, Mongolia, Mexico, Cambodia or Argentina. Here they will be permitted to work alongside medical teams to provide top of the line health care services to people in developing areas.