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Fake Fireplace

How to Make a Fake Fireplace surround

This fake Fireplace surround has seemed in a few place currently, and because of prevalent demand, Ill display you how this was done, as well as how you could create one too. This is more than a provisional beautification for the trips, when we are finished, your faux fireplace would warm-up the decoration of a living room, den otherwise bedroom. The 10thfloor of the Do-it-yourself structure is not the most attractive place I have worked, but I am doing somewhat about it.

1 Measure plus Cut

If you have the space, as well as you want to create this easy on yourself, base the whole thing off the 12×12 vinyl tile, thus you will not have to cut them.

2 Generate the Frame

The entire thing requirements rigidity plus structure, and that is whatever the 2x2s are for. Size them to border out the rear of the fireplace. In my case, I insert them an inch from the boundaries to account for the arms, as well as set one even through the top. The inclusion place them close sufficient to the hearth that they supply construction there too.

3 Lay out the Tile

Notice we did not cut out the space for the fireplace yet? Its alluring to acquire it all done simultaneously, but it is more significant to make certain everything is going to line up the method you anticipate it to.

4 Peel plus Stick

Now the outline of the Fireplace surround is fixed. Find the middle of the topmost of the hearth and peel as well as stick your first 2 tiles thus the joint is dead center. Nowadays peel plus stick the tiles on the edges of the hearth. Starting at the topmost and working downcast confirms than any faults will happen at the bottom, wherever they could be more easily concealed otherwise corrected.

5 Fixed the Rosettes as well as Plinths

These decoration blocks abridge the molding procedure, by removing the requisite to cut miters and break out the managing saw, however they serve additional function here too. Since this whole thing is fake, they enhance visual weightiness to the piece.

6 Cut plus Install the Decoration

Measure the space among the rosettes plus plinths as well as cut the molding consequently. Tack them in home. In my case, I did not like the bare look at the topmost of the molding, thus I ripped a bead off a portion of scrap molding as well as shot this in to the gap.

7 Fill and Paint

The nail holes in the molding requisite to be occupied, and wood fill putty is the normal method, however an old artiste taught me his pretend of using paintable latex caulk. It drives on smooth plus easy, does not need sanding as well as the single tool you requisite is your finger.

8 Attach the Arms plus Back

The arms are 30 inch high to match the facade as well as 18 inches deep, which is a slight arbitrary, founded on the quantity of scrap I had as well as the deepness of the column. As the column is solid (and not precisely mine) I cannot use any fastener on it, thus the arms had to be long sufficient and tight sufficient for a cozy embrace.

9 Cut plus Install Mantel

If you have read my other articles, you distinguish how I feel around retrieved wood. You never know wherever you will find a valuable piece, and I tripped crossways this agreeably weathered tongue-and-groove level board in a thirsty riverbed.

10 Generate the Hearth Floor

Fairly, this was an afterthought. I supposed I was done in addition to then I saw at the thing as well as realized that if I were to construct a fire in it, it will burn a hole over the carpet. Fortunately, I had sufficient scrap plywood as well as vinyl tile left over.

11 Install It

I actually wanted to create this a 10 step venture, and there is really nothing to this, so I am deceitful on the figures. Slide the unit in to place.

If you are going straight alongside a wall, you could shoot bolts over the back of the hearth in to a wall stud.

That is it. 10 steps as well as you have transformed a gloomy room (otherwise office space) in to a comfy den. The additional you participate it in to the room with suitable decor, the grander the illusion.